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Bio-Check UK Ltd, Bangor University and Tyndall National Institute

Public health is a key focus of the life science sector. The increased occurrence of allergies and a more focused spotlight on allergy awareness has driven demand for rapid and easy to use allergen detection kits across numerous sectors. Due to these effects, Bio-Check UK Ltd has seen a marked increase in its sales of rapid test kits and associated demand for the coated nanoparticles used in the manufacture of these kits, which have to be outsourced. The aim of the project was to assist in the in-house production and scale up of nanoparticle preparation, to match the anticipated further increase in demand and allow the company to bring the process in-house thereby benefiting the local economy.

Expertise within Biosensors and Devices involving Bangor University and Tyndall National Institute provided an opportunity for cross-border R&D collaboration to support business growth. More specifically the knowledge and skill involving diagnostic devices at Bangor University with a focus on nanoparticle and biosensors. This coupled with Tyndall National Institute’s nanobiotechnology and nano-devices expertise provide the perfect knowledge and support network for Bio-Check UK.

Collaboration between Dr Chris Gwenin and the CALIN Research & Development Innovations Officers at Bangor University, as well as Dr Paul Galvin at the Tyndall National Institute in Cork began with detailing the exact needs of the company in order to adapt a successful project output into a commercial product/process. Coated nanoparticles were synthesised and their use in the company’s existing product line was assessed and validated. The synthesis was then optimised for concentration and volume scale up to match the existing needs of the company. At all times the work was conducted collaboratively with the company and suited to their operational requirements.  The research conducted will hopefully be future proof to match an anticipated increase in production requirements.

This project created a new company process allowing them to maintain more aspects of manufacturing in-house. The resulting development of a company process created both a new to market product and an increase in employment to the Bio-Check UK Ltd. All of these outcomes are the very key cornerstone aims of the CALIN project.

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